Wednesday, May 30, 2007

2 sets of bands on Light day !

Arrgh ! woke up at 4 am --Mind O' fire with ideas--- couldn't go back to sleep.. 4 coffees...answering becomes 6 am really quickly...

The gym at 6 ?? --I've never been to 'Kits'that early...then I discover they ARE open..but you have to prove how smart you are, and find the secret entrance to get in that's fun, I pretend I'm burgling the place... today is my 2nd to last 'speed'day and I start by putting on the blue heavy bands and resist them with only 225 ...I want the bar to go FAST..I get 4 sets of 4 done..and I ADD the purples to the blues (and get what?? MUDDY HENDRIX??? )

I do 8 more sets of four --of course the 2 band aside really works the tri's and the lockout...I find the bar doing the 'straight line' thing...instead of my sometimes,back over the eyes stroke...then I do 315 X3 335 X 3 and 355 X was a good feeling workout and I have heavy stuff to do on Saturday or Sunday...the meet is June 9th in Olympia Washington (Red Lion Inn )

--Don James wrote me an email and told me to open heavier and go for more..that is an exciting thought..but I always like to get one in...even if it 500 or I said, I may jump very high after my opener--or I might waddle like a duck...that is, take a BIG chance...gotta wait to see how heavy the weight feels that day..

It's terrific to get behind the scenes notes from lifting friends like Don James (superheavy masters champ WABDL) and Gene Knight, another powerful masters champion out of Oklahoma..these guys are doing better workouts most of the time than me...and of course Tony Tomra always has an encouraging word...I'm amazed I get 'read' at all (I'm hardly ever in the sun) what with the huge benchers out there now...I appreciate your support of curmudgeon power !

----robo--the Curmudgeon who's lifts are Budgin----

BTW the B.C.'s are this weekend in Vancouver it's an IPF affiliated meet Sunday Bench @ 12:30 3 lift 2pm --4196 W 4th ave Jericho Hill Centre--it will be a good one ! Bob Hindley is meet director..

I've got a friends birthday celebration to 'produce' so I cant compete in this one, but I'll be interested in the highlights .. I'll get friends like Warren Orr to tell me how it went..meanwhile, best of luck to all the BC lifters this weekend !


Blogger Tony said...

I'll throw my two bits in as well. Looking at the videos you've posted 55o should be a second attempt may be a 3rd only because you seem unsure of a number. At a meet it is time to let it all hang out as long as one is not stupid and put the spotters at risk. By keeping the technique tight, trusting our training, and trusting the spotters some time we can even amaze our selfs. Just my thoughts I'm sure you will make the right choices for you as the meet unfolds

11:17 AM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

Thanks Tony !! I'm beginning to get psyched by you guys !! I'll take the collective wisdom from you, Don n' Gene with me to the's to going all out !!

BTW 'very well put'


1:16 PM  

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