Saturday, May 19, 2007

Heavy Day,3 weeks out !

Deja Vu ! --I tried 507 got it nicely, A 534- 2 board easy--a 551- 2 board easy!!
then I tried 551 Again--you know, like I said,gotta join that NO FEAR Club--it barely grazed the shirt (hear me say it didn't touch) and DIDN'T pause..BUT I went fearlessly against it and won, by.......WHAT??....think fast Robo...
By lifting it easily and FAST !! --not like the "I got it --I got it" of the previous video 2 improvements today..I did 551 again (getting used to it) AND I'm only ONE pound over my weight look at me thru my eyes...I look THIRTY POUNDS HEAVY !!!

"Does this 'REALITY'make me look fat?"
(No,being anything OVER 242 does)

Click on the picture to see the video

Later I did reverse band benches (Bands replace SHIRT as enabler) with 424 X5 440 X3 462X2
507 and 529 for singles...

Best workout today was had by Nancy,who has a very strong work ethic..her tonnage I think must always be more than mine...Bruce did a great job of spotting and did one down set of 45 reps to astound both Nancy and I--it was 225 pounds BUT we were still using the reverse bands,or of course that would've been a record thruout the Universe if RAW and no bands,in his weight class n' age group...still, it was the absolute high point of Bruce's day...then HE went and played Basketball..


the CPO National's pictures are posted by Andrey Butenko...a super meet !
"Click here for CPO PIX"

The Results are also on WPC Canada's web site --again thanks to Andrey !


Blogger Tony said...

Just had a chance to watch the vidio WOW!!!! looks like you are ready I thought I was watching a warm up but that was it WOW

3:07 PM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

Thanks Tony !!

The ones before that were clumsy..then when we rolled the camera for the "take" my form smoothed out --one one hand it made me sure of the lift,as all the prep is there...but on the other hand..if it takes me 3 attempts to get my technique together it'll freak me til the weight obeys like it did in Vid !!

Looking forward to sleeping well the night before in order to get the focus !!

thanks again

4:06 PM  

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