Sunday, May 13, 2007

512 reverse band--with the 'skinnies'

Yesterday had me doing heavy RAW pushes from the safety bars,the usual pin press challenge...warmups were routine..135 for 30 very fast...225 for 11..330 X 3 374 X 2 then 396 402 407 418 440 440 446 for singles for 6 work sets...then the skinny little purple bands from the top of the cage on to 451 X 6 462 X 5 507 507 507 and a tough 512 to round out the workout...both the 446 static floor press and the 512 reverse band really made my muscle fibers burn..those 2 singles probably will be the real progress points of the workout.

All is set for the entry blanks filled out ready to send off to,book the hotel..and tune up the car,whether it needs it or not,and make sure I have enough identification to get across the border come June (passport office has all my data--yaaargh )

Hopefully the fact that I've published a comedy DVD called "There's a Terrorist Donut in your Fruit of the Loom" wont have me strip searched at the border.

Donut Trailer

Click Pic with sound on---trailer completed yesterday !


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