Saturday, May 26, 2007

2 WEEKS Before Great Northern !

Since I've been handling 551 in practice runs lately,I thought today would be volume work and adding a new thing or two to my I started with warm ups 225 X8 330 X1 350 X 4 singles--then the shirt--and 440 485 507 and 507 again..then I took the shirt off, and in the squat rack I put the safety cross bars at #7--then we put the loaded bar with 402 on the bars then we put the blue bands around the ends of the bar..still lifting on the bench, no bench shirt,yes...the bands now 'play that role'--I did some easy lifts--this was from a dead start on the chest position RIGHT AT CHEST height..then I did singles with 485 507 529 and 534 ---how is this different?? --usually I lay on the floor which stretches the bands MORE making the bands do more work..this time rather than 3.5 inches off the chest the bar was on the pins at exact chest my bands wern't doing as much work (less length stretch rebound) sometimes I do these as full reps with a hand off BUT here I'm going from a dead my next goal in training in this exact manner to get 550 as my PR...thus feeling the full 550 at the top and getting less stretch reflex from the eccentric setup and the rebound capacity of the bands...meanwhile my original 507 shirted lifts were a good practice for my opening attempt in the meet...the next 2 workouts will be speed day and one more HEAVY pin press the meet I'll open to get a lift in, 500 or 507 --jump to 534 then 540 and a 551 4th attempt for a WABDL world record...hope all goes as planned --as you know,workout strategy and actual weight lifted in a meet can I'll need rest and luck as well as all the good 'prep' I've had lately !


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