Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sometimes I make ME so Mad !

Instead of talking about the August 11th meets..I should be a non lazy man and give you the urls and info straight out!

Go to the entry blank ABOVE for The Seattle WABDL beach ...classic, it has all the details!

Here's Calgary's CPO BIG BENCH News

The CPO is hosting its first "Bench Bash for Cash" - "GOLDEN ARCH"
. It is going to be a bench only meet. It'll take place in Calgary on August 10-11, 2007. Estimated total of cash awards and valuable prizes - $3000-5000. There also will be powerlifting gear, nutritional supplies awarded to medalists. The most importanly, this meet will be the WPO qualifier! USA, Russian, and Ukrainian lifters are expected. Meet director - Andrey Butenko @ Check our Contests page for more information and the entry form.

And here is a good one ALSO on Aug 11, in Beautiful Kelowna BC !
via a note from BCPA President
Justin Gray.

I am pleased to announce that the BC Summer Open is scheduled to take place Saturday, August 11 in Kelowna. More details to follow at:

Kim Dennis will be the meet director for this contest.

There ! now I'm not mad at me anymore for being lazy...also I did speed/band day work with 245X4 for 10 fast sets against the BIG Blue bands...then 315 for 6 heavy shirt day --Sunday...WABDL judges found my lockouts tentative @ OLY --so I'll work on it !

(photo by Repulsitude industries...home of the original 8X10 "GROSSY" )


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