Sunday, June 17, 2007

Heavy day @ Kits

It was my first day back at the gym today...But,on Tuesday I did a token workout (speed day) on my Solo Flex this was just to feel some top end springiness...300 pounds of bands, do replicate in a small way..a light barbell and bands resisting the weight...but,I only use that option in a can provide a good burn.

Today I slid a bench into the squat rack and put the safety bars at chest height and warmed up...did 315 for 4 then did 405 from a dead stop (pin press style) for 3 singles ...last one was kinda hard...put on small purples from the top of the rack and did 3 singles with 455....then I did a switch to blue bands and did 500 for 2 reps...then 520 for 3 Tri's felt it,and I figured that was a pretty good "lay off" week comeback...Altho I keep mentioning wanting to do the CPO meet August 11th in Calgary looks like we will indeed take a bunch of lifters down to Bull Stewart and Richard Sculler's ALKI Beach Classic.....last year I lifted my butt off the bench...this year I've taken precautions so that wont happen !!--see above !

CPO meet Aug 11 Calgary--google WPC is there
ALKI go to WABDL dot org (sidebar here)
Kelowna see CPU /BCPA sites for info

all on the same day !


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