Monday, June 11, 2007

Only 534 !! But a World Record anyway !

I really had the strength to do great things the week before the meet..but in attempting to lose a 'few' pounds of water to make my weight class limit..I lost 10 pounds --a bit more than where my 551's flew like the shirt was loose due to losing a smidge too much ...I got bad sleep the night before.
I found my warmups flat...I still wanted the 551--

The meet was 117 deep in one day --and there were 15 in the 54 to dead class (my FLIGHT) I won the 220 and UP best lifter sword out of that group..and the great George Nelson was there with a world record.

I had a bad day but exciting one--I missed the lockout of my 501 opener -panic !!!!--got my 2nd @501 (allows a 4th in wabdl if you get 2nd or 3rd ...) lifted the 534 for 3rd attempt BUT it was 2 reds one white--so in 3 minutes --YES 3 minutes --I took it over and got it as 4th attempt world record---this time 2 swords (geez---swords--weapons of intermediate destruction crossing the border?? ) so I lucked out only, lift offs from strangers who did a good job --but they wern't used to me and I wasn't expecting their style either but I feel fairly good about beating the climbing out of the the grace o' god...


Yes, there was PRESS and Rack Command but Nancy's voice was closer to the camera--thus we dont hear them..picture report on the main site in 2-3 days !

I'll get that 551 for ya next time !


Blogger Tony said...

Hey great job Robert it is funny how all the best laid plans change once the meet starts. The wat your trianing is going I'd say you are above the 550 that you are aiming for, you just need a meet to fall in place. may be calgary?? any way talk to you soon

3:53 PM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

Thanks Tony !! I think it's true as well...right sleep--handoff--crowd and the lift is there...Calgary ! I really want to do that one..but I have a team that depends on me to do the ALKI in Seattle every year...this year both those GREAT Meets fall on the SAME day --I swear --If the CPO meet added the SUNDAY to the sched. I'd damn the expense and fly out to do the meet there..yes 2 in 2 days --2 diff cities/countries as it is,I need a sign from one of my local see if someone else could 'chair' the BC team at the seattle meet --while i went to Calgary...why oh why did my 2 fave places have meets on the SAME day..

(it'll work out somehow I know--I'll send my double, Blobbert O. Remiss )


5:11 PM  

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