Monday, June 04, 2007

556 Pin Press

Sunday was heavy day,no shirt work today,pin press at chest level,on a bench --I usually do mine on the I slid a bench into the squat rack,put the safety bars at 7 and slid under the bar..and arched up to touch that bar,that wasn't far of course..I warmed up with 265 for 7, 352 X 1 then 374 -396- 402- 407--I put the small purples on and went 418-440- then took the purple bands OFF and put on the Heavy Blues,remember,the bands arent stretched very far making me do more work than in the 'floor' position...continuing,I did 462-485-507 then to handle heavier weights I combined the bands (PURPS/ BLU'S) and finished with 534 and 551 which felt only medium hard...

So, I tried 556 and it went up solidly!!

and the muscles of the day felt worked hard--today my lats really feel it..pushing the bar from a dead stop is, I think,good for building power off the chest --it can be hard on the shoulders,but as you see,I do primarily maybe that de-stresses mine somewhat.

Nancy tried her 2 shirts to see what would come down..and her single Titan wont let her PR down..she has a bad back and cant arch up to it..or she would be lifting ..touching a lot we tried her 2 ply Inzer..It let 198 down..that is a PR and a WABDL Canadian record...BUT she'll have to OPEN with it..I've warned her of the bombers club..but she's all gung ho (Don's younger Brother) to try it--the only weight Nancy couldn't do yesterday was 227 POUNDS --I needed to start it off the chest for her--then she lifted it well..she seems to be stronger than I think opening with a PR for her, wont be that much of a problem (altho I wont be doing it )

I'm driving down to Olympia Friday morning and unfortunately,no one can fix my Benz--I have an 84 Turbo Diesel..who's heater has been stuck ON for a year now--when I do short drives it's easy just to roll down the windows.. but Friday,driving thru the Seattle megalopolis--clear past Tackymama to OLY, will be a hot mechanics say the 'heater on' syndrome in that model was a 'failsafe' so people wouldn't freeze to death in cold climates if ANYTHING went out in climate far no one can fix it...yep I thought of saying "un plug it" --it doesn't unplug--take out the fuse--that WONT, if I'm over weight for my class --the drive down will puddle me away into my wt. class..HAH ! oh well...I tried,just spent $336.00 to NOT fix it..sheesh...BUT the only problem with Benz Diesels is that glitch and the constant fear that some numbnuts is going to steal your hood ornament !


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