Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shirt Work on Heavy Day !

I think my body is made of shortbread cookies--it being the season and all--I haven't done shirt work in 3 or 4 weeks...and today I found my 50 Katana fit as loose as a 60 would've when I weighed 304 warm ups were weak and then when I put on the shirt--I might as well have been made of Xmas pastry dough...because 450 seemed to lock out as before..but Bruce had to put it in the rack for me...I thought the lift was complete but it wasn't--I seemed to not know when I was locked--that is, NOT LOCKED...that is a new one for we went to closer to 500 pounds and TORQUED the I was locking right --but the bar only traveled down half way before I sent it back up..

Bad Day??

'you betcha'


So here I am 275 bodyweight and seeming to be weak as hell...NO, I AM NOT BEATING MYSELF UP--I'm just stating a fact...I might as well have lost a pound in my bench press for every pound of bodyweight I've lost..(that IS a common rule of thumb) so what am I going to do??

1. stop bitchin (yeah, right)
2. get a shirt that fits.
3. get my strength diet back on track (cut back on the Red Wine too)
4. now that I know the factors that are weakening me-fix em-forget em-and get busy !

The rest of the workout had me putting reverse bands with the loose shirt --and doing singles with 507--518--and 550

Then I joined Bruce and Nancy and did reps with heavy weights with JUST reverse bands..adding 6 or more sets of work...all in all the workout was good --but the true strength test was predictably down from what I wanted...but my sights are set on the WABDL Nationals in Portland Or. March 13th...there, I will have to speed to start the competition year right !

Nancy hit a 170 raw bench and will do 180 in two weeks...

Hope you had a Happy Holiday !

New Year's Eve to jump over, and we're into a fresh calendar !

here's to lifting heavy in 2010 !


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