Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Day WABDL Worlds MORE PIX (scroll)

I was very lucky --at a bodyweight of 283 I benched 534 --a few days from my 67th birthday...this got me the HUGE best lifter cup (which I will use as a bathtub- Photo by Carpenter)
The lifting at the contest was Fantastic !!!!
The Peppermill Hotel was regal and amazing in all ways !
so many pix I split them between here and another site..
there are NEW shots here--and at my OTHER web site --the BIG report is NOW up --see below......


And enjoy THESE NEW photos I've JUST added here
Starting with Tommy Overholtzer-who has been in powerlifting since it's invention !!

Here are the Whinstons --in their 80's-- who were our honored guest at this years WABDL Worlds
This is a great lift from Willard Crossen !

AND the Canadians did VERY well--
Nancy Carpenter did a Canadian National Record bench press of 223 pounds
with a shirt that was giving her next to nothing....And Warren Orr from Victoria did both the Bench and deadlift-here is his opening dead-below..Also from BC Jon Wolbers of Abbotsford did a GREAT 600 Deadlift with awesome form--Jon also did BOTH the Bench and Deadlift !! and was astounding in both !This is the courtyard at The Peppermill

Here is one of the HUGE benches on Thursday ( red plates are 55 pounds)

Mr. Titan --Ken Anderson (who was inducted into the hall of fame) and Monster bencher Tommy Harrison !!

There were 530 lifters --I saw Steve Wong-James Crawford-Roger Ryan-Bill Gillespie-Mike Womack and other top luminaries...below--our trophies !!

Happy Halloween from the staff of the Peppermill in Reno !! --the staff had a pumpkin carving contest while we were there--
these are just a few of the cool creations on display--
I think the one below is of me...ha ha !

HEY--That no pumpkin--that's super lifter Robert doing his Gary Busey impression !!

----This was a fantastic meet-with lifters as far away as the congo !! (really) another triumph for Gus Rethwisch and WABDL !!!


Blogger Ruthita said...

Fab best lifter cup -- big enough for Walter to swim in! Great that the Canadian contingent did so well. All this and pumpkins too!

2:42 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

Sorry it took me so long to post. Another fine job, congrats Glad to see things worked out. sounds like you had fun anyway. So now what 600 @ 275 or are you going back up. Thanks for the meet info and the great pics.

6:50 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks Ruthita and Tony !

I think I'd like to take a try at 275's--but that is contingent on my recovery from what ever malady it is that is making me the incredible shrinking dude...I don't want to pack it all back on again..but first I'll try to get used to this lighter weight I'm living in now...the meet met the goals of winning the WABDL Worlds --geting the best lifter cup among the 11 other heavies--way better than beating one 2 or none in the 308's--I've trained 3 times since the worlds but didn't blog about it...because this entry with all the pix and stuff is more interesting than me doing light to all..see you in meets in 2010 !!!

hopin to get back to CPO for sure this year !

12:56 PM  

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