Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting the light bar going fast !

Today, I needed to stop doing so many Heavy days in a row
(both RAW and equipped)
so I went to Target Fitness for a quick workout to get as much speed on the bar as possible..
just very ballistic bench presses with light weights
225X4 for 3 sets
255X4 for 3 sets
275X4 for 2 sets
Fast singles with 315 325 335 355
Frankly--335 and 355 were not very fast-a second each but not' lightning' by any means--

Today I had a computer challenge--I had to try out a newer cheaper microphone--get my movie software registered (so the sample version wouldn't play) my computer was giving me troubles getting the switch made from my old box to my new laptop--but finally I got the stuff together and did this 15 second movie--and I made it on Benching as a test of the new here in all it's gory is my test as a little bench bozo movie..

Vancouver lifters PL USA is in at Mayfair mags on Broadway west of granville--still 7 left of the NEW one !!

art and voice done by me with --Dogwaffle -Sqirlz lite-Cool Edit Pro-Antechinus Animator and Boilsoft Converter


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