Sunday, September 13, 2009

No Showing Off !

The sketch I did for my web page some years ago--used ZBrush to model the character from Zspheres- click to see it LARGE size.

We had a great heavy workout yesterday--and for once it wasn't just me trying to see how much I could get in a real Bench Press OR a plus Max partial...we returned to boards, which Bruce made for us years ago...and we'll keep boards in our program clear up to the WABDL Worlds in Reno ...after failing my 600 (Olympia) Right at the last 2 to 4 inches...I need to drastically work the Triceps and be honest, the person showing the most progress in yesterday's session was Nancy...she was hitting REPS raw --with what she used to do in a shirt for singles...Bruce also got some pretty heavy lifts in...and I seemed to be fairly strong in my shirtless warm ups but my first work with boards was very clumsy...

my workout was something like--135 for 20-- 225X 8--286X4 --308X2 --330 X1 350X2 --then 2 boards with 290 for 6 X 2 sets --330X5 X 2 sets...

then in the very loose Katana (used to get my 529 in OLY ) I did 2 boards with 440 X 3 reps 2 sets..then 3 reps with 460 at 2 boards....then a 500 bench press --then back to 2 boards for 2 reps--then to a 1 board for 529 for 2 singles...

then we did reverse bands for the fun of it..we plan to do shirt and board and band work extensively in the weeks before the meet (Oct 28 for me-29 for Nancy)--

I have doubts about my lifting coming seems with the weight loss that my
'mysterioso' illness has wrought...I might not be up to the BIG weights I want...then there is always the my recent 600 video it's evident that my right arm didn't keep up with my even with these doubts..I'm plotting things to correct it all--and will forge ahead with as much confidence as I can, when the facts indicate..that Mister Bozo,here, will be at some disadvantage at meet time...I already am trying to force more arch in my set up...and I am going to use a smaller shirt in Reno to go along with my lighter body--I may weigh in at 288 and not 308--as you know in benching, bodyweight has a lot to do with high numbers.

Anyway--between the workouts at Nancy's gym and at Target Fitness (light/speed lifts) I'm stepping up my enthusiasm and number of sessions to 'fix' the problem !
in 2 weeks I'll do a 'dress rehearsal' for the heavy attempts see if the plan is working !


Blogger Tony said...

Great to see you are adapting to the changes, bw, shoulder ect Are you planning on doing 3 and even 4 board press. Glad to see you are still focused (unlike me) and your enthusiasm even comes trough in your posts

4:23 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks Tony !!

I may do more boards BUT with my walrus like physique--a 2 board is only a 4 inch press (I think) but yes 3 will be tried next workout..

I think focus for powerlifting (you're doing all around training for strong man and power) has to do with when your next meet is...the closer to an event --the more the focus !

love your blog--bozo readers--check it out to the side bar links here

8:02 AM  

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