Sunday, August 02, 2009

297 pound WEAKLING !

My muscles laughed--really, I'd push --and a weakness would be felt as if there was NO starting force firing the bar up--
my usual 405 Raw from the safety rack at chest level, was no where to be found--and the sensation in my chest, shoulders, arms and traps was that of a 'chuckle' eminating from my was like "HA HA HA" as I tried harder and Harder...

Today's workout indicated drastic strength loss---I'd say I'm up 'feces creek' without a stir stick, for the meet 20 days from now...

It went like this---warm up 135 X 12 "OK"
--225 X 6 not as fast as I wanted the bar to fly
--315 for 2 OK but not FAST
--365 for 1 felt slow but not too bad-did it one more rep.
--I put on 385 and FAILED--WHAT?? YOU FAILED 385?
panicked, I did the 365 again-
then 375--
then 385 went up !! WHEW !

Rather than inching up to 390 --which I should have.
I went for 395 (got it 2 weeks ago, got 405 4 weeks ago)
395 DIDN'T GO !

My gawd ! that means in a month I've lost 20 pounds off my RAW push from the chest...and I can't blame it on my shoulder...BUT I can blame it on :

1. My Mysterious IBS like illness (Soupy Poopy) I lost 10 or 12 pounds, without trying....proving what YOU knew all along ----"I'm full of it"

2. The hideous heat in Vancouver, especially IN my Apartment --2 days it hit 96- inside- 83 is the LOWEST it's been in weeks in here with windows open N' fans goin.

3. I haven't been OFF wine...I do red wine for 3 glasses a my strongest I HAVE to be off wine for a month.

4. Protein has been low...usually I'm an all Protein dude...lately less food in and lots of that is 'Carb-ish' also I've been busy with auditions and my training days have been too far apart.

Anyway--I'm going to fix Saturday I'll do shirt work and hit JUST an opener with good form...then just before the meet 7 days out I'll do some max partials as close to 600 as I can get.

Well to make me feel better... my record certificates came in the mail--look how great WABDL Awards are--and Gus doesn't charge for them like a few other federations.

click for big size image

See N' Hear my animation on Vancouver's heat wave-click it!

Experience 24 seconds of IBS-click dis 2 !

talk to you, UN WEAKLINGED soon !


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