Saturday, May 30, 2009

2 weeks out from WABDL Nationals in Portland !

Here was the Heavy part of my workout today !

click to play Cap'n bed heads bench mania-4 singles !

In the loose Katana ( contrasting color tee shirt over top to help camera pick up touch point)
it was 495-529-540 and 580 (it was a reverse band attempt)

Nancy Hit a PR of 165 RAW weighing 147 and did 10 reps with 135 as a warm down..
Bruce lifted off brilliantly for me...then did a 30 minute marathon of reps (reverse bands)

New week we hit another shirted workout before the meet !

Today Is the BIG CPO Nationals meet in Toronto--some of my friends, Tony Tomra, Colin Bonneau and some legends like Matt Court, Clint Harwood and some great Canadians--I think the results will be out soon at Powerlifting Watch (there is a side link here) Man, I wanted to be in that one !!

The IPF Worlds Bench Press meet was just held --mens team USA won 1st after Japan was disqualified for putting 'dynamite' in their shirts after official inspection...why those rascals--that woulda really 'blew up the bar'

John Giffen Jr. from Canada competed in this one !!!


Blogger Tony said...

Hey Rob I don't know what colin's numbers were but he broke all kinds of records raw and equiped. Clint was about 60 lbs lighter this year and lifted in the 308s and I think he bench a awpc record 740? Matt Court just missed an 810 bench I had a rough day broke some records but fell way short of my expectations. there was a ton of great lifting this weekend

7:11 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Hey Tony !! Thanks for the info !
that sounded like a great meet..
You did great too! winning best master and setting WORLD AWPC records..just on openers ! great work man !!

7:07 PM  

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