Sunday, May 10, 2009

A HEAVY MOTHERz day workout...

Here's the correct term for what I do on heavy days when I don't use the shirt--
concentric bench presses right from the chest in the rack..

I warmed up with a buncha 135's and 225's --then 315 for 3- 365 for 2-385 395 and 400 for singles...Then I raised the pins so it was a shorter lockout...and did 405 X3 455+465+475...then with light purple bands I did 500X3 and 545.

That was enough for me...I felt tired when done..actually I don't usually let the sets get to me--but after what might be counted as 11 sets...I waddled off from the gym...

A HA !! I hadn't eaten breakfast (anything) and it was 2 pm....that was the reason I was draggin' --I went home and fired up a melange of red peppers--sliced onion, a pound or so of lean ground MOO and made it into a chili like lunch with the help of many spices and some smashed tomatoes... poorly described but quite delicious and full of PROTEIN !! Life's most powerlifting friendly substance.

Vancouver Powerlifters ! --new PLUSA is IN at Mayfair on Broadway... it has Chuck Fought on the cover with a 900 pound deadlift.

I'm all booked --hotel--airline--entry, for The WABDL Nationals in Portland just 34 days til lift off !
I hear Warren Orr will be lifting ...he's trying to set records in 3 categories...I'm betting he will make those marks easily !

Lately at "Ditillo2" here at blogspot...there have been some Classic old articles by.... Doug Hepburn
I'll Show the World ! click it

Look thru the side bars at that site to find recent stuff on Reg Park and Steve Reeves !
tremendous old strongman articles at the site with the 'iffy' (but funny) name--
'The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban'
We guess that the site is run by writer and trainer, Anthony Ditillo's son, altho there is no contact info for the's thousands of dollars worth of old stories and training programs from the beginning of "Physical Culture" it goes back to kettlebell stuff...the origins of what fitness people are NOW using as the latest training modality.

Next week I use the mighty Katana shirt for training --maybe even the Super Katana...

Here is the NEW Titan Website CLICK HERE
Home of the Katana !

The CPU Stalwart
Mike Armstrong, is behind much of the handy work on the site--it has a forum too--Mike works very hard for powerlifting. He previously had a magazine in Canada called "The Platform"


Blogger Tony said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog. I'm having a hard time staying up for this one. The last time I got this lean I bombed at the fall clasic,and I've had way more trouble in my preparation this time. I keep tell myself this is good as I should get a different result. ( not so cocky this time)lol. Anyway thanks again. I've been following your training and it looks like it is coming along nicely.

12:28 PM  
Blogger apoorva said...

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2:15 AM  

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