Saturday, March 28, 2009

Here's where I always lose it !

Lately in meets, if I miss performing a lift...the bar is going to the left OR right at the top of the stroke and spotters have to grab it...last meet it was simply bad form--and a hurried set up, that left me in that position....

Today I wanted to work back slowly to touching an opener type weight in a good relatively new Katana...because in the last meet...I didn't put enough weight on the bar to correspond to the toughness of the shirt...and taking 20 seconds to touch...sent the bar flying all over the place on the up stroke...making my opener (altho UP ) a 'do over', today I warmed up with very good RAW weight and put the shirt on...440 to loosen it (a partial on purpose) a 507 an inch from touching...and a GOOD legit 518 with a very smooth path--constant push--no throwing and catching...

Now on to 'torquing' that same shirt and putting on 550 --it was a partial and it came up well--but I remarked to Bruce and Nancy..."Man that is heavy...can you believe I lifted that in a meet???"

(it was more like can I believe I lifted that in a meet)

Then we put the safety bars at 7 --and not to kill the lifter and one lone spotter...

Then I did a great 574 --it tapped the safety racks and came up in the same slow -worthy press movement...


--the 'torque ' is loosening on the shirt and I know if I want to go up --I should adjust the sleeves...but to be 'brave' we don't--so the bar is loaded to
580 and I try the partial
(you can see how close the pins are to touching)
and UNLIKE the other successes I've shown fail right at the top as in meets lately...notice, I put a white tee shirt over my bench shirt so you can see in the dark --how close the bar usually gets to the chest..when gently clanking the pins...

Here is the rep

After the Real Rep of 518 and the getting more used to HUGE weights 574 (success)
and 580 (fail)
I do more reps for practice of set up--arch--bar path and some heavy reverse bands bench presses for reps and 8 or so extra sets...all in all a great feeling workout...and an eye on getting more real reps in week after week...

Back to the drawing board---and the crayons are all there !


Blogger Tony said...

I can't see it but it sounds like one side touches slightly before the other. for me that throws my timeing off and ninty precent of the time I will miss on the side that touches last. I don't know if this helps.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Hey TONY !!! --yes i hear that too--hmmm--in this case that might've been it--good observation...Bruce also said I hit the stand on the side that went is one that i could've gotten BUT this is a re-play of my worst spot in meets so,I have to learn to get around it--next time will be same shirt AND a success at 580 and 600

11:32 AM  

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