Saturday, February 07, 2009

Good Heavy Day to 584 !

Today I switched to my competition shirt --to test where I was in real strength, say if I was to do the WABDL Iron Gladiators in Pasco Washington March 14th---

The test was good...I warmed up the usual way to 350---put on the shirt..tried to get the kinks out of the sleeves with 440--

it was a nice partial...

then 507 for a good bench

and 540 for a well controlled lift...

then I wanted to try something over my current WABDL World record--so Bruce loaded the bar to 584---and I put the safety bars in the squat rack at 7 holes--which for me is close to chest height "maybe a 1 board?"(this is strictly so it doesn't get out of control, and become a ponderous knurling sandwich.)with a side order of toothlessness.(note ----no reverse bands today )

So I did this partial to see how close I felt to getting at least 584 in a meet---of course this does NOT equal a lift in a meet --but I felt secure enough with this think I'd have a good chance to move the lift up a bit..if I chose to compete soon...

What happened to the "600"???

I didn't try it idea is to work up to it.. 2 weeks from now.

I know the set up you see is getting old ... but it is pretty much the only way we can train with only one spotter when the bar is so, EEEEUUUH ! I guess it's 'belly up to the bar' until we hit it in a meet, and can show a clip with a less porky angle.

Thanks to Nancy who hit a 160 pound raw bench today, training nonchalantly --and to Bruce our work horse...who is hitting high reps and weights in the reverse band bench.

Next really heavy shirt day on the 21st

Today Jane Smith (IPF World Masters competitor) traveled from Chilliwack BC to Nancy's gym for a training day--the progress was is Jane before--

And After !! amazing results I think.....


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