Monday, December 29, 2008

Digging Out !

The snow has lasted way too damn long...and the resulting icy roads and sidewalks are keeping me in my apartment...I will NOT star in one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up" ads...I've toyed with using the Soloflex I bought for 12 cents on Craigslist (it was purchased for training ONLY when I couldn't get to the gym) But, no...I'm too lazy to bat down the cobwebs in my spare room of I didn't train til, I'd been only going to the closest stores to buy food items...after a day of crafting eats from old socks and lighter fluid (I have to have "wine") there is only so much body restoring nutrition in room lint sandwiches...and NO...underwear elastic, is not a suitable replacement for spaghetti !~

Yesterday --I did the Pin Press workout at Target..a quick slide from my abode...the set up as usual...bench in squat rack...pins at 4 --which when I arch up to the chest height...

135 X15 --225X 10--315 X 7 315 X 7

365 365 then 2 singles of 385 and 2 singles of 390--then 1 X 395 and one for 400 !

that is a slight progression from that height last the lay off didn't hurt...

I went downstairs to Subway...and said to the young sandwich architect --
"Foot long...double meat !" ....
'In yer dreams'
she said
'you fat guys are all built alike'
---ohh you want a sandwich?--sorry !!


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