Saturday, November 08, 2008

What the SAFETY bars are for !

4 days from the WABDL Worlds... my final workout, a heavy day to test the fit of my shirt...I did my usual warm ups to 350

Then put on the shirt, went to 500 for 1...quite easy---but I turned my wrist and nearly dumped the bar...but I flipped it back in time...and pushed it up fast !
in doing so, I add a sore wrist to an iffy forearm and 2 shoulders that really aren't in the best competition condition....I'll ignore that !

2nd shirt single was a partial with 540
2 inches from touching --and back up's what I was going for...remember my term? The INVISIBLE board press !

3rd shirted single was 600 pounds--it would've crushed my head if it wasn't for the pins being set high at 7

Here, I see 600 free falling toward my face--doesn't look so gory for you in the video--but 3 inches away for me, it was quite "IMAX" in proportion !

Well, that is NOT the image you want to remember approaching the meet of the year I tried it again....YES I DID !

And it went up---and wasn't a complete bench press..but it was a chance to feel the 600 in the shirt I'll compete in !

So I feel fairly set for competition...and my enthusiasm is peaking I'm keeping positive thought in every waking a matter of fact even around the house, when I get up from a chair ....I always imagine the announcer saying

"And the lift is good ...for Robert O. Smith !"

altho lifting my ass off the couch isn't equal to a 600 bench at 66 is positive reinforcement to a 'ponderous pogo'

See you in Vegas ....GO Team Canada !!


Blogger Tony said...

Great recovery, I watched the second bench half a dozen times I couldn't beleive how fast you press that weight back up. Looks like you are ready to go. good luck and have fun

7:38 AM  
Blogger Tony said...

Hey Rob thanks for posting on my blog. You should check it out again as I posted todays training and I couldn't help but to think you would have had fun with us at the end

4:52 PM  

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