Saturday, September 20, 2008

Heavy to 617

Today was my first day back training since Saturday 13th--and it was HEAVY work with the shirt (and reverse bands) but as usual, raw warm ups:
225 X5
260 X 3
308 X2
330X 1
350 X 1

The I had Nancy and Bruce help me into my loosest oldest Katana and I did
485 X1
507X 1

Now we put the blue bands on in reverse mode and did 550
and 617
the 600's were good and solid and I felt strong once I got past the strain of feeling big weights on me, after that 7 days rest !

a good workout !

Nancy lifted well and did numerous heavy raw sets--then switched to bands..her weights are graduating upwards at a rapid rate--even tho' she LOSES bodyweight (she has a very active job--lifting and science all in one career)

Bruce did his usual shrugging a few thousand pounds, doing lift offs for us all.
Then in reverse band benches he did 330 rather nicely and a warm down of 225 for 40 rapidly...then he went to basketball...

My next meet is the WABDL Worlds November 12th--there are a few positions left on the Canadian team...are you a lifter who has competed and has either a good bench press or deadlift?? and can get to Las Vegas Nov 12 to 17th? if you want to have a great lifting experience and vie for a place on the team email me --entries have to be in soon, so minds have to be made up and entries sent soon (by Oct 4)

So far --team Canada is

Blair Fisher
Jon Wolbers
Gary Bobrovitz
Warren Orr
Robert O. Smith

(Nancy Carpenter and Jody Cranston are still trying to arrange the time off work, expense etc.)

all categories are available --masters-open- elite-law fire-submasters--if you're drug free and GOOD at the bench or me soon !

Gus promises this Worlds will be an epic event ! with more coverage in POWERLIFTING USA magazine than any of the 'world' meets !



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