Sunday, August 03, 2008

A BIG 573-- World Record Bench Press !

I got a Body Crushing 573 Bench Press on Saturday August 2nd in Olympia--I set it so I could try it on my 3rd attempt and get a 4th attempt of 600--well, the 573 took too much out of me...and I "passed" on the 600 try !
Here is my 2nd attempt a good lift of 518--a prelude to the573 !

There were 130 plus lifters and some fabulous lifting...James Crawford was the star once again with a try at 833--He won "Best Everything"

My friend, and tireless shirt helper, coach, Nancy Carpenter, Bench Pressed 203 at 144 bodyweight--she had entered the 165's so she had to drink lots of water to get UP to that class (149) odd little rule thing --if you enter a class and don't notify the WABDL office by deadline --you must lift in your ORIGINAL heavier or lighter class.. so in reality, she broke all her Canadian records with her best ever lift, at a very light actual bodyweight--stronger everyday, Congratulations Nancy, and thanks for 'engineering' my shirt!
Here's The Fantastic Andy Medak losing a big dead lift at the top !
Next WABDL meet is September 13th In Tumwater Wa. see you there !
(info at WABDL link on the sidebar)


Blogger zaitsoff said...

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Blogger Tony said...

WOW 573 Your progress is amazing. The way you are chiseling away at 600 it is only a few meets away.I might be getting as excited as you are. Great to see Nancy had a good day too.

9:19 AM  

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