Thursday, July 17, 2008

Putting the bands back in....

Wednesday I did Dynamic Effort day, using blue bands to resist the 225 that I was using...the usual count--4 reps, 8 sets with lots of speed on the bar...lately I've been setting up with great care, so that it will become second nature to put my traps on the bench and get the same arch each time...also when doing these mundane poundages..I practice one set with the weight going straight up and out over my chest--and the next set, up and back (over the eyes technique) when I got to set # 8 --I put 275 on the bar with the bands still on and tried a set with speed--it went too slow for my taste still was 4 in 4 seconds on the clock--it just didn't feel "Dynamic"--then I did 3 easy singles for form practice..345- 355- 365 --Sunday I get back in and do heavy 'pin presses'

the big 'shirt' day doesn't happen til the following Saturday....still trying to create the way that work out will REALLY shirt break lockouts from high pins?...nearly complete benches with huge numbers with the safeties?--hmm time will tell ...


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