Thursday, July 03, 2008

Close your eyes when you watch this video !

BELOW this entry are lots of pictures from ALKI beach--and the CORRECT video for my 562 Bench press --In THAT video--you see the lift, correctly done with a 'press' command a "rack" and a nice 'lift is good' from the announcer...

2 cameras were going, one was my son shooting with his small digital...and the other Camera was mine, manned by Nancy Carpenter.

She had worked all day setting my shirt --running numbers--well, doing tons of things and LIFTING in the meet and helping Jody with his sessions too...somewhere in my camera mechanism--the camera shut off--started again--shut off-- started again--so all we got were fragments...but wanting to see what we had...I pieced them together...and altho we miss the press signal and the 'lift is good' ...AND the bar appears to go way too fast...we are putting this up to bask in the excitement of the SOUND of this one...the announcer has a nice back n' forth with Don James as they mention my lift being the best ever by a 65 year old...

Actually, they say 60 year old...but it's more correct to say 65 in my case...
anyway--this was a moment of excitement I think, so here it is, warts and all...

scroll down--down --down-- for more ALKI pix--and the REAL 562 bench press video IF you haven't already seen it !

---and Thanks Adjil--for the link from your site..there are a 2 pics of you( here and on the Power update page) in case you missed em


Blogger Tony said...

Thanks for all the great pics and video I don't know how you manage to get so many pics. I always plan to but I never manage it.
congrats again

4:30 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Yes Tony--hope you also followed the links to my 'paid for' site there are 30 pix there--and a big size version of the REAL 562 lift --and Jody Cranston has a link to his version of the meet which is really really fine writing (link is on his 2nd picture at my main site) yes we have an incredibly hard time of trying to help 3 lifters lift there very best AND get any photos at all--actually it is nerve wracking--but if it gets one accidental view by someone who might want to take up our sport it's worth it...thanks for the comment and keep up your phenomenal training and blog !

10:38 AM  
Blogger Adjil said...

Thanks for the call-out! And also thanks for the nice email.

I still need to finish reviewing all my videos from the Alki meet - I'm pretty sure I have a video of your press as well.

2:00 PM  

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