Monday, June 30, 2008

More ALKI Meet Pix !

Robo with Joe Mickelson---he laffs now--but later Joe will have to stand for 2 hours while Robert tries to pee for the drug test...can you embroider EMBARRASSED on my sox??

Another angle of the Great James Crawford !!
I 'warmed up' on the platform with my opener--
Jody Cranston --my son Zach, in the middle --and Nancy !
Great lifter Donna Delleree, Brian Baertlein, Steadman Mathis and Jungle Don James !
The Wieners and still Chimpanzees !!!
"Adjil" Deadlifts
Brian B. judged --he too, got up at 3 am to travel to Alki !
Is it Ita Pantilat?
what kind of "eating " grin??

the main website is up with the alki report unless you just came from there...the biggy is at MY UPDATE SITE click it

Yes, and scroll for more alki pix you may have missed below--plus the 562 video below loads and plays faster than the big one, up at power web main !


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