Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Syncro your Scales...5 days n' counting !

" No room for dinner... there are Trophies here !"/photo BY Bert Merriman
Last week I 'made weight' and some room to spare (tire?)
306.4 in the 308.5 class...for the WABDL Bench Press Championships in Phoenix.

But for last Saturday's workout I added carbs to my diet to try to replicate my conditions at the meet...IE: swell up to fill out the shirt...after DEPLETING.
Next day I was 307.8 --hmmm--too close to the limit for my taste..
so I went back to a strict Atkins induction format...next day...307.4
then today indications had me at 306.8
BUT, the scale I use is an inexpensive digital scale, that has ALWAYS been 3 pounds heavy --so when I say 306.8--the scale is reading 309.8 and I mentally subtract 3 pounds --this has always worked and been bang on....but today, I thought what if the battery in this scale is getting weak and the scale is erroneous?? so I thought--go to a place near me..
any place that might humor me...
and say "can I step on your scales?" first idea on the street would be the gym --they don't have one, or they think I'd break it..
or a doctors office or clinic...
WAIT !!! WHAT IF I go to Doctor Bernstein's weight loss clinic and pretend to be interested in the 'program' then they'd let me use the scale...
remember I just wanna know how outta wack MY scale is...
by comparing it to a calibrated one..
so after I do my speed workout--fully clothed with shoes, wallet, keys, suntan goggles etc. I enter the office and timidly ask to try the scale..and they sweetly oblige....so 306--310--it ends with 311.8 --(like on America's Biggest Loser)-
AHA--311.8 --
I thanked them very much and glanced at a brochure and it said $27.00 an injection.. WHAT??
you mean this Bernstein thing is a drug diet?? Holy Von Moley and The Arched eyebrows !! Ya learn sumpin everyday !
When I got home, I syncronized my scales by finding that MY scale was off by 2.5 pounds NOT 3...
so now I know to cut it closer and be careful with the last minute fatitude...

Speed bench was really good--No Bands today--warm up with bar 50 reps fast
135 12
205 4 reps 3 sets VERY FAST
275 4 reps 3 Sets VERY FAST
325 4 reps 2 sets..still VERY FAST
365X1 feather light--
most of my workout was really based on the set up and proper arch technique...

makes me feel like it will be an easy meet after all !
might blog from Arizona IF the results are worthy !


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Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Nope it says on the caption my buddy Bert Merriman took it when he briefly visited BC a week or so ago...I'm usin a few more form his camera coming up soon !

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