Saturday, April 19, 2008

556 in shirt 518 X2 with double bands !

Goood Workout today !

warm ups 135X12X2
225 X 8-- 265 X 4-- 285X3
308-330-330-350- 350

I Put Katana shirt on...

507--518--529 going down as far as a '2 board' height and popped back up, another way of saying no touch, BUT not a wasted effort !
(the patented invisible board press)

550-- no touch (3 inches)


556 for one--

best rep of day..

Blue bands reverse BP --474 -485- 507 --for reps

Blue AND Green Bands, reverse---518 for 2 reps--here it is in Rotundoscope and Gruntovision

Subliminal ad for VW Beetle above

The Bands act like a bench shirt and are good for training the Top part of the lift !

Bruce got 420 for a single--this MIGHT his previous 402 tho'

We didn't just do singles--we did 8 sets or so of varied weights and reps !

Nancy Reps

And gets a pretty easy single with 352 pounds

It was a great workout for all of we go light, mid week !


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