Monday, March 10, 2008

Just remember to warm up !

So, I did a fairly good light/ speed workout on Wednesday ! I wasn't a dynamo that day, I still had 'injuries' on my mind, the chiropractor X rayed my forearm for fractures etc. on Monday and I was OK, but he notes some Osteo Arthritis in my shoulders, wrists, and elbow....well yeah, my elbow hurts like hell anyway...that made me 'over' careful...and put the damper on my visualization --but I thought a good test would be my heavy workout Yesterday...I did rack lockouts from 3 inches above my chest from a dead stop off the pins--these were on the floor, rather than on a bench in the rack...

I did 235X5 after warming up with the bar--and those usual '135's for a continuous count.
then 352 X3 394 415 435 435 440
then I did reverse bands with the green bands
490 520 540
reverse bands with the Blues
550 560 580 580
this was good top end work--AND once I was warmed up there was NO looks like I'm set to compete on Saturday in The USAPL Washington State Championships
as I've said in previous blogs all I want is to break the American Record in the 65-69 age group...I will "demonstration" lift until my 3rd attempt at which time I'll do one for the crowd !!
IE: Decent weight on the bar..500-ish

Jody Cranston will deadlift and Nancy Carpenter will coach, take photo's and pry us into our lifting gear..I'll let you know how it goes !


Blogger Tony said...

looks like you are good to go. Glad to see the the xrays didn't turn up anything nasty. well hope you have a great weekend

11:08 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks Tony !
I'll give it my best...The xrays were weird to look at arm looked like a lot of peoples legs--and geez I can't use the excuse I'm BIG BONED --damn, wonder if I shouldn't weigh 198...eek...not more Atkins diet ???
chimp in apes body...
whoo hoo hoo hoo

8:21 AM  

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