Monday, February 11, 2008

Heavy workout Sunday !!

Yesterday I did heavy work at Target, pin presses for Bench Press assistance, starting with the pins at #4 (chest height)
... warming up with the bar for 30--
135 for 15 --
225 X 8--
315 for 4--
365, 385 and 395 for singles...

Then I moved the pins to #5 and did
405, 455 and 475--
no shirt of course.

I added the blue bands from the top of the cage and did 500 X 3
545X2 565, 585 and then singles with 605 for 3 sets...that really seemed to work my tri's and I felt immediately, the workout in my body...the fatigue didn't wait a day to was immediate !--next workout, speed stuff with the bands resisting the lighter bar on Wednesday !!

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