Sunday, January 06, 2008

490 -501- 518- 518

Saturday was Heavy day, using my loose Katana I did what the headline said..490 for a single then 501 and 2 singles of 518 (235 KG.)
This idea is to get my body used to handling the light 500's--before reverting to the crushing 551 PLUS area...(as mentioned on my last 'shirt day' the progress is gradual)

Altho 600 really wasn't a goal previously, I've had many people urge me to 'go for it' so with utmost safety in mind ...I'll venture forth this year to see if I can't get as close to that as humanly heavy workouts will have me trying to ready my joints for the heavier onslaught.

Yesterday was more than the heavy shirted singles...
without the shirt, I did warm ups and reps with....225X6 reps 3 sets...286 X5 308 X3 330 X 1 for 2 singles 350X1 for 4 singles done with a pause and in good form.
these seemed light, much like I was taking the weight down and simply replacing it 'back where it came from' (yes, that IS the movement..but I mean with minimal effort)

Hope you noted in the comment section in my previous blog that Tony Tomra has a new training blog too...his is called "Fat +Happy= Strong" it is fun to read and ...and you can see how to train for all 3 lifts --Tony is not just another lifter, he is World Masters Champ in the WPC with GREAT lifts to his credit ..give it a read'll like it.


Blogger Tony said...

Thanks for the plug on my training blog. 600 sounds like you are in for a fun year. I think everyone that knows you thinks 600 is doable for you, not to say that it isn't going to take a lot of hard and smart work. making 65 look great.

8:00 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks Tony !! Yeah your blog is inspiring --you do so many exercises and hit the gym nearly everyday ! also some of your asides are very funny and the dancing one..great use of for my 600...I'm working up to it slowly..and my lockouts really need to be as soon as i get it in training (no matter how sloppy it goes) then i know it's about 5 meets away..that about how long the 550 took..

glad you're blogging--makes me want to add exercises like standing press etc !

best, Robt.O.

8:39 AM  

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