Saturday, November 03, 2007

Katana Shirt 2X 551 Bench press !

Days away from my 65th birthday,and 2 weeks from the WABDL Worlds..I put my shirt strength (and readiness) to the test.

I'm being fairly methodical about all aspects of my meet preparation, I made sure my bodyweight was noted, so that what ever results I made today, could be predicted to a point, by what I weigh at the contest...Tightness of shirt depends on that factor..vigor and strength also can be clumped in there.

I did 15 reps of 135--4 reps of 225--2 of 330 and 2 of 350--

Then we put on my newest Titan Katana

...440 to loosen the shirt--didn't touch -didn't expect it to...

then 507 --2 inches from touching, popped back up easily, as it should.

then 529 slow and even rep...

here we adjusted the shirt sleeves...and put 551 on the bar--I did it with nice speed.
DRAT ! --Bruce made a signal that it was the 'height of a nickel' from touching...

Well, BOOBY--if you were in a meet, close doesn't count......

So, I tried it again--this time it touched and made it with some difficulty--but that was an encouraging attempt.

I didn't do bands or boards today....I helped just a bit with Nancy and Bruce's week we do an actual dress rehearsal of the meet for BOTH Nancy and I !!

Here are the 2--- 551 pound singles --Belly up to the bar !

Yes,these look exactly like 2 - 551's I did months ago...but they WERE taken today!


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