Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Aberdeen Photo over flow !!

The report is up on Aberdeen (if you didn't come here from there)
With LOTS of pictures--and I've also done a preliminary report with pics below this entry --so scroll down to it if you haven't already read it my sloppy attempt (slipped) at 551 is there in video...But now here are EVEN more pictures from the meet !

This is 551 on my chest as mentioned earlier, it went up wrong and became a 'miss'
Here I show I've 'still got it going on" by "Squatting my disappointment" a heavy load indeed !
I turn to my friend Mister Shiraz for comfort !

Tomorrow, I do speed band stuff --Sunday floor presses and HEAVY reverse bands !

OH --OK--Here's my 540 that didn't quite touch --felt light n' fast...


Blogger Tony said...

Hey Rob why are you beating your self up. I applaud you for having the courage to try. I've always learnt more from a meet that didn't go well then one I've coasted through. Now you have meet experience with 550 and you are stronger for it. By the way if you are using standard gym weights in training I've seen 6 plates a side be light by 15 lbs or more. For me that makes the meet weights feel heavy. Anyway congrats on not playing it safe. With great risk comes great reward

11:31 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Hey Tony !! I must type wrong--because I'm thinking exactly what you're thinking ! BUT my 551 was off balance and I feel like I was very strong to keep it from falling on me---and yes, I've gym lifted 551 in traing 4 or more times AND Nancy's weights are Calibrated to exact weight...something that we dont find in commercial gyms (exactly like you said) she has a combo of Official oly bumpers and Ivanko meet weights --one thing that has happened since I started training at her place is --I know what the REAL weight feels like going in--years ago--the underweight over weight syndrome was a 'given' in all meets...like..."but i did it in the gym ??"

best to you Tony see you for sure in 2008 CPO'ing it !

12:39 PM  

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