Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pushin the bands fast !

Today just another of those 12 set by 4 reps light bench days, I workout heavy with lockouts 'pin presses' etc. on Sunday, so this DE stuff gets me ready for the big RAW loads this weekend...I pretty much just tried to work on strong lockouts..more speed to the bar and resisting the heavy blue bands in this gym ...they always seem so much stronger than in my previous gym, that is probably due to a different height bench and longer legs to attach them to...I always seem to get stronger after the 5th set..this leads me to wonder IF I warm up enough at meets, I have no answer for me, but I will tell me what I think, when I think it...but I may not just blindly,blandly, take 3 or 4 singles and hit the platform after this....

Today's weights were nuttin, but I put gusto into them and actually was a bit sore from the different type workout I reported on Saturday ...That 'heavy break in the shirt, quasi board press day'..made me feel like I gained 5 pounds of muscle in my shoulders, lats, tri' I will be using that modality more in the future...of course that 'pump' was only that, and NOT -- the 'new accidental way' to bulk and bumpier beef !
(as told by Joseph E. Weiner,trainer of chimpanzees??)

Gad--- it's only 18 more shopping days til 'Bench Mas' in Aberdeen...Then it's WABDL World's prep time for November !


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