Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Atomic Rubber strikes back !

Today was speed day and I used the place up the street,Target Fitness, Did a few warm ups, and attached the big blue bands to the bottom of the bench legs...and put them around the ends of the bar to resist my 225---took the bar out from the rack....WHAT THE HELL?? this is like a ton of force !!! Nothing like the places I usually work out ! maybe the 'ground' is father away...stretching the bands tighter...forget the 245 to 285...only 225 (starting weight) will go fast enough today to make this 'speed' aspect work properly --so I did 10 sets of 225 X 4 --then took off the bands and did fast singles with 325 and 345...felt the days workout in my 'tri's' immediately --one factor,I'm a guest in this gym --they have ONE bench...and I speed my workout up to be courteous...I've noticed this really makes the workout more of a challenge--BTW the bar started feeling light on set #6--my bodyweight is 3.5 pounds UNDER my class limit...this was an uneventful but good workout, and prelude to the big monster day that is scheduled for Saturday...trying on New Shirts...may try to lose another pound or two to see what weight I need to be with the new shirts on meet day August 11th---

My biggest challenge might be GETTING to the meet! I hear, I-5 is scheduled to be closed near downtown starting the day BEFORE the contest ! nice timin'


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