Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday's DE session

Yesterday I had to find a gym,due to a city strike by service employees,this of course impacts community centers etc.
My idea was to find something close,walking distance,from my apartment..after realizing most drop in fees are $15.00 now...I took the whole day finding the best place for me...actually the closest one...It's not a GYM per se'. it's a place for fitness trainers to bring their clients and run them thru their routines...the place that was finally nice enough to understand that I need a gym to do 'light' sessions for 3 weeks before the ALKI meet, was Target Fitness, over the street at Broadway and Fir, where Tama Sushi was for years...Mike and Ralph are the head guys, and they said I could even bring my bands...of course this is an exception,just for me because they see I'm between a meet and a hard place !

They have lots of space...modern equipment...and lots of dumbells and balls n' kettlebells etc. the barbells are the hand grip plates with plastic/rubber coating looking like wheels or cogs turning...The do have plenty of plates,something I had misjudged earlier (thought they were understocked that way...not true)...there were some very nice training sessions going on there and I was careful not to be your stereotyped lummox showing off that I lift more than the spandex crowd ! altho remember this is my light liftin day !

Not knowing bands would be allowed for/by me...I just did (for this first session) bench press bar and plates only, with exceptional speed --225X5 --3 sets--275X4--2 sets 295X4 for 3 sets,then 315 X3 for 2 sets and a single with 335 355 375 all within 25 minutes or so....the quick rests help the intensity factor I think --felt like a great workout....many thanks for Target for breaking the rules for me....

Powerlifting USA our lifting bible finds itself in weird situation....postage is no longer available in the USA for the 2nd class periodical rates to CANADA...and PL USA finds itself having to charge 96 USD a YEAR for the mag..(AIRMAIL) who do you know that would spend $100 bux a year on a magazine???---well,I am suggesting to everyone who loves the magazine to buy them on the stands--in Vancouver,Mayfair Magazines, Broadway just past Granville stocks the mag --but sometimes they are hidden behind the IRONMAN'S or the Mn'F's..and on occasion they are sold out...also,Magpie Books on Commercial has been known to stock them....if you find yourself not able to afford the 'mailed ones' (subscription) PLEASE keep buying them at these or any store you find them in ! The current issue has teen sensation A.J. Mangum deadlifting 661 on the front cover ! --let's keep PL USA going in Canada...this postage glitch is beyond our friend Mike Lambert's control !


Blogger Tony said...

Hey Rob hows things? What Mike and I did was go to a local store that sell magazines with a copy of powerlifting usa showed it to them and now they bring them in every month for us, even giving us a phone call to let us know it is in.

2:54 AM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

Tony ! that is a great idea..I think my pal Ed Boyt was one of the first to request PL a mag store,in the late 80's--he too, got them to call him..tho in those days it wasn't as expensive with the new postal rule..I'm glad your local store was so nice as to offer that service--Mayfair (the store I go to )gets theirs from Emma Marian dist. in Point Roberts...and they are on the stands 2 weeks before I get mine in the it may turn out to be a good is OK...but as noted in the blog --I think my 551 or more peak was just before the Olympia meet--I think my ALKI performance will be OK...BUT outdoor meets can bring out the loosening shirt syndrome (heat) still I see PR territory if all goes well !

thanks for commenting ...I always wonder how the champ is doin ...hope yopu're still training with the colossal poundages !

9:10 AM  

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