Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Light weight big fella..it's all me.....

A Pool of sweat --1/4 inch deep...thanks for leaving that puddle on the bench...yep,I'm back at kits community center today--where half a bench press is all you need to do....cuz someone, somewhere told someone else...touching your chest isn't any better than a half way down lift...yeah,like I've said before...invisible boards day...and the fitness instructors don't even have the humor to call them that.

Dynamic effort day was scheduled--but I wanted it's evil co host for the week, " pick some weights lift em as fast as you can"...do the workout in less time ,upping the intensity...and remembering speed on the bar...but letting the bands stay in the freshly detailed trunk of my car.

225 X8 for 3 sets 315X3 for5 sets 335X2 for 2 sets -then singles-355 -355- 365
then, very fast reps of 225 for 16

for a superheavy that's not much of a workout for weight n' reps but I felt good after, and the weights moved faster as the weights got heavier--it will be a good lead up to shirt day on Saturday...not as good as a Gene Knight bench day but it served my Tuesday workout for one week...I wont skip the bands next Tuesday..they really help !

You'll be happy to know I'll not be a french fry, a crispy critter,robo jerky or any other such dehydrated delicacy,when I drive to the ALKI meet...My Beloved Diesel Benz has been cured of it's year long "I'm on fire" whining....( heater COULDN'T be turned OFF--remember? ) finally, I found a mechanic who works out of his home...I think he has 38 years of Mercedes experience...he not only
fixed my car for a reasonable,non Mercedes shop price..then he detailed the car to it's original showroom look...wow....if YOU are in BC and have a classic Mercedes and want a fair,honest ,genius mechanic,he goes by "J.R." and I recommend him highly..email me, robotalk@shaw.ca if you need his number--or a near perfect 1985 MBenz 500SEL for only $2500 he has for sale.

No,I'm NOT becoming a commercial site --it's just that there are few mechanics as good as this dude and ol' car collectors need to know about him.


Blogger zaitsoff said...

new car looks great, glad you got it fixed.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Robert O. said...

Thanks,I may swear less driving a 'gentleman's auto' now it's ok to swear when your car looks like a beater..but this re-do makes 100% diff in the way it makes ya feel..also it has circulating air in the front again...yay I can breathe !

1:05 PM  

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