Sunday, July 01, 2007

Benching from a dead stop

It was a heavy workout yesterday,and since you know the details of the set up,I'll suffice it to say..that the bar is at just below chest height, then on a bench slid into a squat rack..I arch up to the bar and go from endless 135's to 8- 225's 3- 330's ONE 374 then 395 395 and 400 pin press style,no shirt,no stretch reflex just a push UP !

I do a reverse band Purple with 440 and 440 (second single was smoothest)

Reverse band with Blues (purps off) 485 485 507 507

then purps and blues for 529 529 551 556 and that was,triceps are feeling it..this will be a great workout in the bag of progress...shirted workout next Saturday,hopefully progress will stay or magnify...not watching my bodyweight (had a binge after last meet) since losing water at the last minute was a BIG factor last time..I'll get back on a semi 'Atkins' with healthy veggie carbs after the dual holidays...and I should train for nearly a month at meet weight.

Happy Canada Day !

and Happy 4th of July too !


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