Saturday, July 21, 2007

540 w/Katana and a coupla' "Flashes"

Today's heavy short workout was a bit of a downer,indicating a small backward trend in progress,still got a sloppy 540 tho--more about that in a second--but first the good friend from Oklahoma,Gene Knight...a very powerful guy...wrote me this email about his success at the big AAU meet down this...

Robo, The judging was pretty strict today. It was fair, but tight. I played it safe. 341.7, 352.74, 369.27, and a fourth with 380.29. I actually got 12 white lights for the day. 380.29 is an AAU raw, 60 to 64, 308lb. American and World record. I weighed in at 280lbs. and didn't want to run off 5lbs. They will do the full power meet tomorrow. I am going to help a friend of mine so I will give you a report on that tomorrow.

the "Bad" News...the Big Bench Meet in Calgary Aug 11,to be put on by the CPO and Andrey Butenko...has been deadline..NOT ONE entry...a shocker to me,as I bet on this one to be a sensation of a meet I didn't want to miss !
next year,I'll support Andrey's meets big time...actually,I hope he reschedules THIS one, so I can attend and compete !

also, in news of my friends,Big congratulations to you know who, about you know what !! (they know who they are)

Back to my workout...I did 225 X6 330X3 350X2 and 374X1 for my warm up--then we put my Katana's getting awfully comfy,so much so that I almost got 460 down...then did 507 and 529---551 was next
and didn't go-- 2 inches from the top...right shoulder was feeling weak...then I took some weight off to 540 and did it sloppily...I'm guessing, 'no good' in a meet....DAMN ! not too encouraging,seeing that I'm 21 days away from 'Contest Time'--so things to work on --shoulder re-hab--lock out--and health....when the books say "old guys" can have a Nice glass of red wine at bed time,for their good health,that is not inviting me to have 3 !

deadlines can keep you mindful of your own health? nice trick,competing in bench meets is the 'device that keeps me going to the gym at all...

Tuesday,I will not skip "Band"/speed/DE day


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