Monday, July 16, 2007

PR's on ALL the exercises !

Yesterday was my heavy workout --no bench shirt, and that pattern of benches I do in the squat rack from a dead stop at chest height (pin presses)

I warmed up with 135 X 12 -245X10-308 X3 -352X3-397 for one grinder then a 407 that was smooth and even, but really hard--that was a 5 pound PR from that position and height off the chest (on bench, not floor,as before)

With reverse band purples I did 412-418-440-and 450--a 10 pound PR

with Blues only from the top of the rack,I did 520 a 13 pound PR
with purps and blues combined I went 523-535-551 and 560, a 3 or 4 pound PR

workout altho mostly singles felt great ...and the trip to the chiro last week was REALLY helpful !

Alki is just around the corner just under a month--to whip a good 540 to 551 out of the bag !


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