Saturday, July 07, 2007

So !! you guys look like that on purpose !

My heavy shirt day was marred somewhat by a hot day, or my propensity to get misty just holding the bar ....yep, my shirt was swimming on me (slipping in the sleeves-shoulders-chest) so I decided to do only to 2 singles of 507 in the shirt,with no torque on the sleeves....the first 507 was a good lift the 2nd was hard at the former problem shoulder being the hard side, I locked it out but with some difficulty....I decided to work some raw reps and BANDS and do a heavy volume backtrack the workout was like this

--no shirt--Sherlock.

225X8 330 330330 330X3 330X3 -350- 360-380----

Blue reverse bands

424 - 440-460-480- easy

shirt 440 X3- 485-507-507 (2nd 507 mentioned earlier locked but was uneven...woulda been red lighted)

with Bruce and Nancy--I did more sets of random reppage with no shirt,basically repping without bands what Bruce was doing WITH Bands--to save time changing weights etc.

Good Workout.....2 things learned, need to get fitness level up before Alki so in the hot weather I don't create sweaty, swimming, shirt syndrome...

And get back to the Chiropractor so he can check out the previously bad shoulder out before something really goes wrong there--gaining my strength back before was a long and discouraging road a few years back !

-cartoon pic at top by me in ZBrush-


Blogger zaitsoff said...

good drawing,and i glad you had good workout as well

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