Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hats off to Jody !

Our friend Jody Cranston competed last Saturday in the USAPL Summer meet in Seattle...Jody said there were lots of lifters,more than expected,and it was a long day,with some very good lifting and many RAW competitors.....Jody was warming up for the deadlift,and he felt a bad twinge in his back,agonizing enough to make him wonder whether to cancel competing,or at least lower the amount of weight he was starting with....after 'toughing it up' and weighing all the options...he went for his opener of 518,with the thought, that if it felt like he was getting more injured ...he'd drop the bar.....Well,the opener went up smoothly,and long story short,Jody had the best deadlift of the day!!!
568 on his 3rd attempt....his wilks points were the highest of anyone in the was at least 50 deep !--even Kevin Stewart called this a well run and worthy strength event !!

Today was speed work on the bench with the big blue bands resisting the bar---245 X 4 for 10 sets FAST reps....then some (no bands) 315's (4) 335(3) 355(2)

My shoulder seemed on the mend after my chiro, Dr. Armitage made some adjustments Monday...yep,as guessed, there was SOME strength loss in the bad shoulder...but only in the mid-width range...Robert,clicked all the right places and sent me on my way a somewhat 'refurbished' lifter (no rust under the wheel wells tho) hopefully ALKI will find me in shape for the big 551 I want !

Here's my latest animation over at CBC's at least PG rated..
sound on
...note: somewhat rude,crude and sophomoric, don't play in front o' the kids or at work
--not terribly offensive ..but not Disney either...

why is it here??--well, um, I make fun of some bodybuilding-ish guys in it ! plus, DE workouts are so boring I figure I owe ya somethin' more for stopping by !

Heavy day is Sunday


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