Monday, July 30, 2007

Raw Rack Lock outs to 440 !

Got a nice workout in at Nancy's gym..lately I've been doing pin presses from right at chest height and altho the workouts have been has stressed my yesterday,I reverted to pin presses from the floor at 3.5 inches OFF the chest (safety cross bars) and did 135X15 245X8 330X4 397X1 407X1 then singles with 417 427 433 435 and 440 (no shirt of course) adding bands I did 2 singles with 507...I felt each rep and deemed Sunday's heavy workout a good one !

If you don't normally visit Powerlifting Watch (see LINK to the side> )

You've missed the report of Ryan Kennelly's ASTONISHING 1036 WPO Bench Press !!
also a video tribute to Jesse Marunde..who died at 27,Tragic !

There are also videos of numerous Great RAW Benches of 600 lately !

You should check that site daily --any strength fan will love it !!--of course it's been found by many lifters, and it's mysterious proprietor,"Jon" is doing a sensational job, sifting all the top stories ,topics and events and putting them in ONE place !

I will be doing my speed workout at Target tomorrow--then shirt heavy day at Nancy's Saturday ! my bodyweight is already under the class weigh in for August 11--amazing what 'all protein' can do for weight loss !!--ummm more Basa !


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