Sunday, August 12, 2007

535 WABDL world record@ ALKI

The BIG lift of the day was James Crawford with 710--here he is with 777

I was conservative and popped an easy 535 Pound Bench Press for A WABDL WORLD MASTERS RECORD in the Bench press,My pal Nancy Carpenter got a Canadian National Record of 190 pounds..we both decided to 'chip' our own of the best ever Bull Stewart classics...I had the honor of meeting James Crawford who did a 710 bench--nearly had 777 so close,also I had Joe Gast hand off the bar to me,his help was the reason I wasn't flustered about the lifting ! in our last blog there was a link to the 2005 ALKI report...Joe and his wife are pictured 3 or so days I'll have a more complete report--with pics of James,myself,Joe,Francesca,Nancy,Jane, and lots of fine ALKI atmosphere...that report will be shared between my POWER SITE (link)
and here !


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