Sunday, August 26, 2007

Breaking in the Shirt

Saturday Aug 25--

It was a Heavy workout day,I had 2 choices,use a loose Katana and just workout...or try to 'break in' my impossibly tight Katana. (used once Nov 06--couldn't get anything down)

With a meet 22 days away,I chose trying the TIGHT'N...we put the hand off racks higher so I could spread my arms apart far enough...we put the safety bars across to what would be a 3 Board press..and we carefully started trying to loosen the shirt with me in it..I did sets of 3 reps with 440 490 507 527 and 550...we later moved the safety racks to a 2 and 1 board level as those weights went up in poundage...the hard part of this was getting the bar out of the rack and out over my chest..Bruce had to shrug while I lifted but the metal lips were hard to get over at the "new" height. (my arms were about 1/2 inch too short, altho I WAS lifting my fair share )

With every set we had to do this....lift the weight out one side at a time...steady the the exercise....and put each side back in one side at a time --this had me pushing and stretching --Bruce pulling and Nancy running from one side of the bar to the help lift up, on each end to rack...whew, scary at first, rough on my friends, but by the time we were out of the had given in a bit...and I felt very 'worked out' however we proceeded with heavy weights and the reverse bands...and worked out even more...I got some effortless feeling raw reps lunchtime my friends and I deserved a good big feast, altho this ritual of workout-lunch at Joe's Original (yes, we divorced Martini's restaurant months ago due to one snarky waiter) is our regular format, we really needed fuel after the "new" version of shirt work for me..It was kind of 'death defying fun' AND as tight as the shirt was, no horrendous, digs ,scars or shirt hickeys from this outing...might be looking at a big lift in Aberdeen if this shirt works out as well as indicated yesterday !


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