Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yesterday was my first workout since ALKI-I went up to Target Fitness and got in a speed day without the, light weights--in sets of 4 reps...225 275 285 to 8 sets--then I blasted 315 335 and 355 as fast as I could...(12 sets in total -in 20 minutes) to me these heavier weights didn't 'pop' like they should --but the effort to 'speed them' was there--A Fitness Trainer read my WABDL shirt and asked if I knew Carol Ann Meyers..I said she is a record holder in the meets I go to ...and altho I've lifted in some of the same meets (WORLD'S) I'd never spoken to her...the trainer said she was a friend, and wondered if Carol was really the strong lifter she heard she was...I verified that she is one of the very best, small world,everywhere I go, I get people knowing some lifter I've competed with, or know one of my WABDL Idols..recently on Powerlifting I was congratulated by Steve Wong (900 single ply, drug free bencher) and by the TOP masters 50+ competitor, and one of the world's best female lifters for my recent 535 what a blast !! I blushed when I read the nice words--

So, what now??

MORE WABDL (the camaraderie is so fantastic there) Top bencher and deadlifter Jody Cranston and I are tripping down to Aberdeen Washington, for the September 15th meet at the Sam Benn school gym...that's less than a month...Jody will Bench and dead...and I'll see if I can add something to the recent numbers in Seattle--this weekend, I do a heavy shirt day with Nancy and Bruce...I'll see what I can get then --that will be a good indication of how my training is set for Aberdeen...nice to have a meet before the worlds in Anaheim,I'm looking "floor board" to it !

(I can relax when I say that....Jody is driving)


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