Sunday, September 16, 2007

I SAW 803 go up !!

Unfortunately I wasn't the lifter, The Great James Crawford was !!

Jody Cranston got a WABDL Canadian National Record with 366 Pounds !!! that is double bodyweight !!--Jody also Deadlifted, and lifted off for me in the bench !
his lifting was exceptional !

I did OK --conservatively, I started with 485 and benched it flawlessly and FAST (IPF woulda even liked it) Then I went for 540...but it was 1/2 inch from touching and I BLASTED it right up!!!--but of course no touch --No lift !
Then I tried 551 --it touched --but it touched by flipping forward in my
I kinda wrist curled it back, and pushed it up....but from that angle, it starts over the face too fast and I lost footing,slipped, and it double pumps on one side and the spotters take it before I could struggle it all the way up...I CAN make those weights --I coulda made em yesterday with one more try ! DRAT !! where are those 5 attempt meets??

This is my 551 try

my regular sites report is up now--there are some exciting photo's like a drug free Brent Mikesell deadlifting 705 in a singlet...and more...and no, Ryan Kennelly didn't show ...on Saturday anyway !! thanks to Powerlifting Watch for linking my site.

NOW I really gotta get polished for the World's !! YEAH !!!--where IS that Turtle wax?


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