Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Last Light day before the meet !

Geezer Mc Grampa and his 'rubbers'

Nancy has dumb bells for the Dumb bell---plus LOTS more not shown !

Here is Nancy lifting off for Jane Smith !

Last time, I said I'd show you Nancy's gym...here is one rack and some High quality weights!

The Camera also had wine...

So, Nancy lives in her gym, which consists of double what you see for iron, racks and equipment...a kitchen ...small dining table...bath...and upstairs tiny bed sized loft...and yep, no TV, no comfy chairs, no couch, just benches....what's my point ??? Nancy is DEDICATED to iron sport and fitness ! --she trains clients and a few powerlifting pals like myself, Bruce, Jane lately, and Paul Wells....that's what I call having a goal and meeting it !!! get yourself a gym and live in it !

I originally had the same idea, more in a 'quonset hut ' tho' (and I woulda had chairs and a TV) But, I NEVER ACTED ON IT !! hence, me making the big deal about Nancy moving forward with it and actually having a good Idea and really following thru !

Jane Smith is training at Nancy's for the upcoming IPF Master's Worlds and I have the WABDL meet this Saturday...so the heavy iron condo ala Nance' is comin along big time !

today YES ! I did do speed work on my bench press --lotsa speed on
and one set no bands 225 X25 reps...

later I move a heavy old 27" screen tv up 2 floors--does that count as 'strongman' or cardio !!

See you in Aberdeen on the 15th??

don't get lost n' go to Scotland !


Blogger Tony said...

Hey Rob good luck.
Isn't it cool to see people live thier dreams. When I meet these people I always find it amazing what we are capable of if we have the courage to try. Any way have a great time at your meet. I'm sure you'll do B.C and Canada proud.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thank you Tony !! you have it exactly right ! it's inspirational when someone actually goes ahead with the plan..and proves the earth is NOT flat !!

thanks for the fine wishes on the meet ! I just heard today that Ryan Kennelly will be there to try 1056 -I expect he'll be on the sunday day meet it's APF--and from what I guess, Gus wont want him lifting the WABDL side due to equipmnet and drug testing issues...geeez--if he's around before tho'--I'll get picture of his recent mass !

best robo

1:57 PM  
Blogger Hopalong EAC said...

Great story about Nancy--my kind of focus and discipline, especially the no TV, hehe.

Get them next time, Maestro.


6:03 PM  

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