Saturday, September 08, 2007

562 ONE BOARD?? are you kiddin me??

Didn't I just DO a meet???...and next Saturday, I'll be in Aberdeen Washington for the WABDL Washington State's just a month since ALKI....and I want 562...What ???--that's 30 pounds over your own World Record....are ye daft, Laddy??......

YEP !!!

Today at Nancy's gym I tried on the Titan Katana that had been unmanageable til problem, it let 440 down one inch...507 -5 inches 529-7 inches--551 --9 inches...and 562 all the way down to about one inch away from touching and BANG !!! right back up--what we call an "invisible board press" day--the varying heights were there, and the lifts fired back up...but the boards aren't there- I just stop the bar--lift it back up and my partners count the 'imaginary board' --4-3-2- etc...

The problem is now, that I need to open in my loose shirt --get on the boards...then change into the new shirt and go 545--562 for the remaining lifts....needless to say --anything over 535.6 will be a new record ..but this time I'm finally goin for it....

In a way tho' if I get 562--there'll be nothing to do at World's !! unless I wanna be outta my mind, and go for 600 at 65 years old !! (I have a birthday just a week before that meet)

Nah !! that's impossible !

My imagination has Jody Cranston on the ready for Aberdeen...he's benching and deadlifting ! and of course is an exceptional lift off dude for me, plus that way with all the heavy lift offs he'll not need a warm up for the Pull section of the meet !

Bruce, Nancy, Jane Smith all worked out at Nancy's today --Nancy lives in HER couch no chairs just iron and benches n racks
on Tuesday when my light 'speed day' isn't worth writing about !


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