Monday, September 03, 2007

517 reverse band PR

Pushing 397 up from the bars- I got to 412 in the session

I did a heavy day workout at Nancy's gym..this is not a 'shirt' week so all lifts were raw, starting from a dead stop at chest height (bench is set up in a squat rack with bar resting on the pins at chest ) workout was:
135 X10 -255X 5- 352X4- 352X2- 397X1- 407X 1-412X1- 407x1- 1X 397---

then to blue bands from the top of rack assisting bar 460X5 -507X1-507X1-512X1 512X1 517X1
the 517 from THIS rack at this level was a PR--I have had higher racks (stretching bands more) give me 550 etc. lifts, but this set up was previously a 507 for my I feel very worked out ! 'those- there' muskels feel like they been thru sumpin !

12 days til the WABDL Washington state meet in Aberdeen !

before yesterdays workout, I got very inspired watching a tape of the 2000 World's in Reno what clean lifting..that was the year we had Canadians Mark Freedman, Miriam Power, Joel Thiessen, Colin Bonneau and myself...the highlights of that one for me was seeing incredible benching from Steve Wong, Tiny Meeker...and a demo lift from Ryan Kennelly of 705...also terrific, was a world record 800+ deadlift from Phil Andrews...that tape got me very excited about next weeks heavy day and the Aberdeen meet !! --better watch it everyday to keep the momentum going !


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