Saturday, October 13, 2007

Survey says: STRONGER !

It was a heavy workout for Nancy, Bruce and I today.

I brought in a Titan Fury F6, which was used in 3 meets, meaning it is a 'new' shirt (altho 2 years old) last time I used it, I did a 523 pound bench press... My idea was to see if I had gained strength in the last little while, or if the Katana shirts were enabling me to the big lifts with their superior construction....

This could be an 'egg on one's face festival', if it backfires and it turns out that I'm all 'shirt' after all !

So I warm up with 12 X 135 a little sore .....6X225 --huh?--feels heavy...330 X3 slow...350..uncomfortable...350 again...ahh, now that felt perfect !

So we put on the shirt...440 no touch...462....485....then 507...down...touches and back up BUT with a difficult lockout...That's not sposed to happen this is a 523 shirt remember? we torque the sleeves just a tiny bit...load the bar to what my Katana gives me.

540 (245 kilos) and try it in the newly adjusted F6.....and POW !!
up it goes !! this time the bar path brought the weight forward and straight at the top... lately, all my successes,and failures, are locking up and back toward the racks...hmm...the straight out and slightly forward ones seem to look cleaner...hope I keep sending them there nice by cockeyed logic if this is a "523" shirt and I just did 540...maybe I am getting stronger as planned, and it's not just the dynamite in my armpits getting me the recent good numbers...
The first time I used today's shirt, 2 years back in Olympia

The rest of the workout was lots of reps with varying weights 286 to 308 ...while Bruce and Nancy lifted them with reverse blue bands...I did them raw and without the bands and varied grips. Heavy 3-2 and 1 board presses wound up the session...

Nancy did shirt work and looked very strong with a 195 pound best training lift today...that was with a tweaked shoulder too...fine workout.

A month away from OUR WABDL World's in Anaheim !

Do YOU have Iron Butterfly's in your stomach too??


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