Monday, September 24, 2007

If it sounds too good to be true.....

Had a heavy floor press day at Nancy's gym yesterday...instead of laying on the bench and arching my chest up to it, which has been my technique lately..I reverted to laying on the floor with the pins (thus the bar,too) 3 inches above my chest, lifting raw from a dead stop..My reps were, 135 X10 225 X5 225X5 close grip--3@ 330, 1@394 +1X 416+1X 426 + 1X +431 then 3 singles with 440--not quite my PR at that height but very good for 3 straight dead weight 440's---then stretching the blue bands almost 5 feet --I went 518 for 5 --550 X3, 590 X 1+1 then 2 more singles with 600 !! wow 600?? well my guess was the bands really helped off the bottom, and half way up it felt like a very close to 600 real pounds ! I'm not fooling myself that I'm ready for 600..BUT it was a kick to handle that weight in any way at all--maybe next time with the less strong green bands --then the purples...good plan --but getting 600 with the purps' will be a LONG way off--interesting 'change up' to the shirted heavy days... and it helps later, when even trying a board press with that weight---had a great workout --

And it was Jane Smith's last workout before the IPF World's --she leaves on Wednesday...I believe she'll kick butt in this very important masters event...her last squat workout was great, Nancy helped her with her suit and we judged her depth..she was text book on the squat depth...but we were careful to add, that she might need more depending on how the judging is going on her day !

the 2 workouts ended with a 5 course meal (2 main courses) cooked by Nancy !
perfection !

Not your average Gym experience, more like a "Strength Spa."
Jane also has a great sense of humor, bringing the dinner wine, in my honor --first dinner workout..she brought imported wine labeled "Fat Bastard" --last night, "Robert's Rock" with all the wild names of wine companies now...the looming possibilities are endless !


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